1994-96 Home Shirt

Player: Dennis Bergkamp #10

  • First home shirt manufactured by Nike for the Club
  • First year of the Non-Flying Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp’s legendary Highbury career.
  • Probably one of the most despised home shirts by fans due to the lightning design and lack of success while wearing these kits at Highbury

2000-02 Home Shirt

  • Shirt worn in triumphant 2001-02 season when the side won their most recent Premier League/FA Cup Double
  • Last shirt worn by legends Tony Adams and Lee Dixon (Both Retired in 2002)

2000-02 Champions League Shirt

  • Incredibly rare Champions League shirt worn a handful of times during the 2000-01 and 2001-02 Champions League campaigns

2002-04 Home Shirt

Player: Robert Pires #7

  • First year of O2 sponsorship
  • Worn by “The Invincibles”  – the side that went 26-12-0 in 2003-04 to finish the first undefeated season in English football in 105 years.

2004-05 Home Shirt

Player: Robin Van Persie #11

  • RVP’s first season with the club
  • Worn in the FA Cup Final against Manchester United in 2005, last major trophy the team won.

2004-06 Away Shirt

Player: Freddie Ljungberg #8

  • Away Shirt for 2004-05 FA Cup winning season
  • Third shirt for 2005-06 campaign
  • The infamous “Chelsea” shirt, many fans complained that the Royal blue resembled their rivals home kits.

2005-06 Home Shirt

Players: Theirry Henry #14, Dennis Bergkamp #10 (Champions League)

  • Commerative shirts to mark the end of the team’s stay at Highbury stadium, as they would move to the brand new Emirates Stadium for 2006-07.
  • Redcurrant color was the same hue they wore when they moved to Highbury in 1913
  • Met to mixed reviews by fans, some loved them, some hated them. I loved them so much I own two
  • Final year for legends Robert Pires and Dennis Bergkamp at the club.

2006-08 Home Shirt

  • Shirt worn in the first two seasons at the beautiful new Emirates Stadium
  • Last season for Thierry Henry before his move to Barcelona in 2007.
  • Voted the greatest home shirt of all time by Arsenal fans in Fall 2008

2007-09 Away Shirt

Player: Tomas Rosicky #7

  • One of two Herbert Chapman commemorative shirts to celebrate 75 years since Chapman took over as manager at the club
  • Third shirt for the 2008-09 campaign

2007-08 Third Shirt

Player: Cesc Fabergas #4

  • The other Herbert Chapman commemorative shirt
  • Colloquially known as the ‘Arse-lona’ shirt, as it resembled the Barcelona Home Shirt flipped horizontally

2008-10 Home Shirt

Player: Andrei Arshavin

  • First shirt worn by big signings from the 2008 and 2009 seasons including Arshavin, Samir Nasri, Thomas Vermaelen and the return of Sol Campbell
  • Voted as the ugliest home shirt of all time by fans in the same 2008 poll

2009-11 Away Shirt

  • Away shirt for 2009-10, Third shirt for 2010-11
  • First all-blue away kit since 2004-05

2009-10 Third Shirt

Worn in Champions League during 2009-10 campaign, most notably when Lionel Messi gave the side a footballing lesson with 4 goals in a 4-1 slaughter at the Camp Nou to knock the Gunners out of CL play.

2010-11 Home Shirt

Player: Samir Nasri #8

  • Kit is a nod to the 1970-71 Double winning side and celebrates the 125th Anniversary of the club
  • Worn by Twinkle-toed Samir Nasri during his breakout year as Arsenal, firmly planting himself as a Superstar at the Emirates

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